n. & adj.
1 the action of runners in a race etc.
2 the way a race etc. proceeds.
1 continuing on an essentially continuous basis though changing in detail (a running battle).
2 consecutive; one after another (three days running).
3 done with a run (a running jump).
Phrases and idioms:
in (or out of) the running (of a competitor) with a good (or poor) chance of winning. make (or take up) the running take the lead; set the pace. running account a current account. running-board a footboard on either side of a vehicle. running commentary an oral description of events as they occur. running fire successive shots from a line of troops etc. running gear the moving or running parts of a machine, esp. the wheels and suspension of a vehicle. running hand writing in which the pen etc. is not lifted after each letter. running head (or headline) a heading printed at the top of a number of consecutive pages of a book etc. running knot a knot that slips along the rope etc. and changes the size of a noose. running light
1 = navigation light.
2 each of a small set of lights on a motor vehicle that remain illuminated while the vehicle is running.
running mate US
1 a candidate for a secondary position in an election.
2 a horse entered in a race in order to set the pace for another horse from the same stable which is intended to win. running repairs minor or temporary repairs etc. to machinery while in use. running rope a rope that is freely movable through a pulley etc. running sore a suppurating sore.
running stitch
1 a line of small non-overlapping stitches for gathering etc.
2 one of these stitches. running water water flowing in a stream or from a tap etc. take a running jump (esp. as int.) sl. go away.

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